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Good advertising through Qantas

I would never had tried your product because my skin is very sensitive. Free from Qantas. Define "free"

Hello Jenny,

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Just like the expensive products from Hawaii

I recently collected some samples in Hawaii for products costing over $300 per bottle. These products are just as good and priced very reasonably. Wouldn’t go past them.
The order was filled accurately and arrived promptly.

Everyday Eye Cream
Jeevaka Wijesinha
Ships to the UK

I've been fan of Lowanna for about 5 years and I was worried when I moved to the UK but she ships over here and I'm still keep my skincare up to date.

Liquid gold!

Super hydrating facial oil that minimises my fine lines and brightens my complexion. My thirsty skin feels quenched and smooth after using this rich facial oil that also smells divine!

Everyday Moisturiser
Jeevaka Wijesinha

Everyday Moisturiser

Game Changer!

I needed to wait a couple months to know for sure after switching up my skincare, but can confidently say Lowanna’s products WORK and it’s so rare for me to love EVERY product I’ve tried so far.
The creamy textured cleanser is soothing for my skin as I have mild rosacea and it’s effective at removing built up dirt (including makeup) with minimal redness afterwards!
The toner filled with vitamin C is blissful - my skin drinks this up and looks/feels refreshed.
A little goes a long way with the everyday moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid as my skin just feels hydrated, soft and smooth throughout the day/night. It also smells divine!
You feel like you’re at a spa when applying the eye cream as it feels so lusciously hydrating, soothes, smells invigorating and reduces fine lines.
My FAVE product would have to be the innovative green clay exfoliating mask - just add a bit of water and use as a facial scrub twice a week and if using for a mask, it dries in only 10mins. As it’s in powder form, you have full potency of the ingredients that really makes your skin GLOW and feel rejuvenated. It has also reduced the redness in my skin since using it.
I like simple, effective products that use natural ingredients and are cruelty free, so this Aussie brand definitely delivers. Highly recommend 🤗

Best clay mask out there

I’ve been using this for a little bit now, because it leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished. It’s great for my sensitive skin and unlike others no flares at all. Easy to get off too

Amazing on my skin

I love how my skin feels when I use your moisturiser, it doesn’t cause any flares for me which is amazing. It has hyaluronic acid in it which I love, can’t wait to use this in winter! Definitely recommend this 🙌🏻

Skin is refreshed!

This mask is amazing as it is an exfoliant/mask all in one! It deeply cleanses & detoxifies the skin clearing out your pores and removing excess oil. It feels cool and calming on the skin and is so easy to mix together with a little water to create a creamy, smooth paste which feels cooling and relaxing on the skin and only takes about 5-10 minutes to dry fully before removing for renewed and refreshed looking skin! YouTube video placeholder
Everyday Cleanser
Candice Needham
Such a lovely everyday cleanser!

This cleanser is super creamy and feels really soft & hydrating on the skin. It contains desert lime for brightening up the skin and reducing acne scaring & redness. It is also very calming & soothing to the skin with it's Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Aloe Vera, Cucumber & Rosemary complex. Suitable for all skin types. I highly recommend this one, it's just gorgeous! YouTube video placeholder
Absolutely amazing

I bought this product for my girl friend and she really loves it.
Highly recommend it.

Everyday Eye Cream
Sophia Abbasi
So moisturising!

The smell of it is so amazing and fresh and it’s so smooth to apply as well. Seeps into the skin fast and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin like most eye creams. Been using this for a month and love it

Everyday Cleanser

I have been using this cleanser in my morning and evening skincare routine for a week now. It has a white creamy texture. This cleanser is formulated to gently remove dirt and oil while leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It fights acne and helps in skin brightening. It helps to remove facial impurities while moisturizing the skin. It is gentle on my skin and is designed to be suitable for all skin types. The best part is it is vegan and cruelty free.

Green Clay Mask

This green clay mask works wonders for my combination skin. I enjoy clay masks so I decided to give this one a try. The mixture came out thick and smooth. The best part is that it only takes about 10 minutes to dry. It has improved the quality of my skin and reduced my acne scars. My face felt refreshed, smooth, and oil free after using this product. It also helps to improve your skin's appearance by minimising pores and drying up oily skin. This is an absolutely wonderful product.

Quandong Toning Mist

After rinsing the mask off, I will give my face a few good squirts of the Quandong Toning Mist which helps provide instant hydration and restore the PH balance of the skin. The natural and soothing scent of this bundle also creates a relaxing experience and allows me to maintain overall wellbeing.

Green Clay Exfoliating Mask

The Green Clay Exfoliating Mask has a unique scrub-to-mask formula and requires you create a detoxifying paste by mixing the powder with water. As my skin is more on the sensitive side, I usually use this product as an exfoliating scrub in oily t-zone areas and apply the rest as a leave-on mask to gently purify the skin.

Blemish Spot Treatment
Sofia Gilardoni
A big change

I suffered from acne for years and I still have spots! This treatment is changing my life, love it


This mask is perfect for my sensitive skin! My skin is glowing

Love Love Love ❤️

The texture, the time it takes to dry, the smell and most importantly the Glow it leaves on my skin. Absolutely love it! @marya.ch_ on Instagram

The best gentle exfoliate mask

Absolutely love this mask! So easy to use and the best feeling after. It draws out the skin nice and softly and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results after!


The best moisturiser for everyday. Especially in warmer weather, the hyaluronic acid helps keep my skin super hydrated throughout the day. Couldn’t recommend it anymore!

Blemish Spot Treatment
Helen Kaplick
Very satisfied customer

I was having so much trouble with face pimples as part of hormonal changes and from wearing masks. I constantly had lots of spots on my chin. I’ve been using it for just over a month now and the blemish spot treatment has completely cleared up my outbreaks and the scars are fading too. I have no pimples at all right now for the first time this year.


The smell feel everything is absolutely beautiful! Definitely would recommend ✨

Everyday Cleanser
Anna Benson
Beautiful Products

I love the Lowanna skin care products! Super gentle on the skin!

It really works

I’ve been struggling with hormonal pimples and covid mask pimples for a while. Between the two I constantly had spots on my chin. I’ve tried a few different blemish treatments but this is the only one that has worked.



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