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Everyday Eye Cream
Sophia Abbasi
So moisturising!

The smell of it is so amazing and fresh and it’s so smooth to apply as well. Seeps into the skin fast and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin like most eye creams. Been using this for a month and love it

Everyday Cleanser
Prabh Mani
Everyday Cleanser

I have been using this cleanser in my morning and evening skincare routine for a week now. It has a white creamy texture. This cleanser is formulated to gently remove dirt and oil while leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. It fights acne and helps in skin brightening. It helps to remove facial impurities while moisturizing the skin. It is gentle on my skin and is designed to be suitable for all skin types. The best part is it is vegan and cruelty free.

Green Clay Mask

This green clay mask works wonders for my combination skin. I enjoy clay masks so I decided to give this one a try. The mixture came out thick and smooth. The best part is that it only takes about 10 minutes to dry. It has improved the quality of my skin and reduced my acne scars. My face felt refreshed, smooth, and oil free after using this product. It also helps to improve your skin's appearance by minimising pores and drying up oily skin. This is an absolutely wonderful product.

Quandong Toning Mist

After rinsing the mask off, I will give my face a few good squirts of the Quandong Toning Mist which helps provide instant hydration and restore the PH balance of the skin. The natural and soothing scent of this bundle also creates a relaxing experience and allows me to maintain overall wellbeing.

Green Clay Exfoliating Mask

The Green Clay Exfoliating Mask has a unique scrub-to-mask formula and requires you create a detoxifying paste by mixing the powder with water. As my skin is more on the sensitive side, I usually use this product as an exfoliating scrub in oily t-zone areas and apply the rest as a leave-on mask to gently purify the skin.

Blemish Spot Treatment
Sofia Gilardoni
A big change

I suffered from acne for years and I still have spots! This treatment is changing my life, love it


This mask is perfect for my sensitive skin! My skin is glowing

Love Love Love ❤️

The texture, the time it takes to dry, the smell and most importantly the Glow it leaves on my skin. Absolutely love it! @marya.ch_ on Instagram

The best gentle exfoliate mask

Absolutely love this mask! So easy to use and the best feeling after. It draws out the skin nice and softly and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results after!


The best moisturiser for everyday. Especially in warmer weather, the hyaluronic acid helps keep my skin super hydrated throughout the day. Couldn’t recommend it anymore!

Blemish Spot Treatment
Helen Kaplick
Very satisfied customer

I was having so much trouble with face pimples as part of hormonal changes and from wearing masks. I constantly had lots of spots on my chin. I’ve been using it for just over a month now and the blemish spot treatment has completely cleared up my outbreaks and the scars are fading too. I have no pimples at all right now for the first time this year.


The smell feel everything is absolutely beautiful! Definitely would recommend ✨

Everyday Cleanser
Anna Benson
Beautiful Products

I love the Lowanna skin care products! Super gentle on the skin!

It really works

I’ve been struggling with hormonal pimples and covid mask pimples for a while. Between the two I constantly had spots on my chin. I’ve tried a few different blemish treatments but this is the only one that has worked.

Returning customer

I love this cleanser. Its gentle and creamy and light. My skin ends up feeling clean and soft. Its amazing for my dry, aging skin! RECOMMEND!


This moisturiser is so beautiful. You only need the tiniest amount for your whole face. The smell of these products is gorgeous, and the texture is light but feels really hydrating. My skin has never been better.


This mist is gorgeous, so light! It helps my skin feel refreshed with a quick spritz.

Wonderful cleanser

This cleanser is beautiful to use. It is so light and smells amazing. It has my skin feeling really clean and I only have to use a tiny amount.

Gorgeous mask

So soft and cleansing, loved it thank you!

Lowanna Cleanser

Skin looks and feels great. Is doing the job in clearing clogged pores. Bought the moisturiser and eye cream so hoping for similar results.

Fabulous product

Feels amazing on skin.


My skin feels incredible after using the Everyday Cleanser. Works perfectly along side the Everyday Moisturiser and Green Clay Mask!

Everyday Routine Bundle
Kerry Begg-Boyle
Such amazing skincare

I love this bundle, I have quite fussy skin but had no trouble transitioning to this, it all smells delightful and has immediate positive results.

Everyday Moisturiser


I love this mask. It makes my skin so smooth and calms any flare ups.



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